Member of the Month
Alex WA Mining Club MOM

Member of the Month

By Jordan Pedley 

The WA Mining Club would like to congratulate this month’s Member of the month:

Alex Bertram, First Mode / Aust. Automation & Robotics Precinct / CEEC International, Director, Growth / Industry Engagement Lead / Non-Exec Director.

A proud Dad focusing his time on technology to make a meaningful impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from mining today. Alex values spending time with his young family whilst managing his various roles in the mining industry.

Coming from Deloitte Consulting in Perth, Alex quickly found himself immersed in the world of mining with BHP’s Iron Ore Major Projects team. As a Studies Analyst, Alex quickly became an expert on the pit to port mining value chain leading him into Project Engineer roles and then leading studies.

Alex’s BHP journey contributed to driving innovation and technology in mining. With a long list of achievements, Alex helped establish BHP’s first Innovation Mine, some of their first forays into technology development in the hard-tech space, built the business case and strategy to roll-out haul truck autonomy across BHP’s Australian operations, developed and implemented a digital strategy for the South Flank Project and lead the inception and development of Dash Tools which focuses on improving front-line safety in the mining industry.

Alex stated ”This fast-paced, hands-on experience laid the foundation for my career in mining and sparked my passion for innovation and sustainable solutions in the industry. And now, here I am, applying those experiences and insights to help drive the decarbonisation of heavy mobile equipment in the mining sector.”

Recently appointed to the Australian Automation & Robotics Precinct, Alex leads industry engagement efforts to drive innovation in the sector. This role supports the transfer of Australia’s world-leading METS innovation and technology development capability to industries such as construction, agriculture and advanced manufacturing.

Focused on sustainability, Alex is also currently a Non-Executive Director of CEEC International and has joined scale-up First Mode, a business developing zero-emission power plants for ultra-class dump trucks, who are leading development and manufacturing of large scale battery systems from their Australian Engineering facility in Northbridge, WA.

When asked about the WA Mining Club Alex stated,

”One of the things I really appreciate about the club is the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who share a passion for innovation and sustainability in mining. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, the WA Mining Club is an excellent space for collaboration, idea exchange, and learning about the latest trends and technology advancements. Overall, the WA Mining Club fosters an environment that supports growth and progress in the mining industry, and it’s genuinely exciting to be a part of such a dynamic community”.

Working in the intersection of mining and emerging technology development, with a focus on sustainability (decarbonisation and frontline safety), Alex is grateful for three influential leaders in his career; Alan Bye, Tim Day and Simon Thomas.

”Alan bought me into the mining technology arena halfway through my 14 years at BHP. He taught me about how to bring the scientific method and experimentation (Lean Startup) into changing work. Tim is one of those rare leaders who set super audacious targets, but back’s them up by giving his people the support and air cover they need to get it done. Our work on Dash Tools and Elimination of Live Work wouldn’t have happened without Tim’s fearless leadership. Simon showed how to bring cross-functional teams together to support getting that 55Mtpa project off the ground, and we did it again at another scale all together on South Flank in 2018”.

Alex finished with a quote.

”As someone who has worked in mining, projects, software and hard tech, I feel privileged to be in a position where I can bring together my experience and expertise to make a real positive difference to the impact of mining on climate change. It’s an exciting time to be involved in this space, and I’m looking forward to continuing to drive innovation and sustainability in the industry”.