Nuclear Supply Chain Series – May

Event - Nuclear Supply Chain Series – May


A decade ago there was a mere trickle of chatter around the topic of nuclear energy. That trickle is now rapidly growing from a stream to a river amid the growing recognition of the need for nuclear energy as a meaningful part of the energy mix. Global plans for reactor construction abound, SMR talk grows, the uranium price is on a tear and there is growing support for this emissions-free form of power generation.

Nuclear power generation is a polarising topic. Misinformation abounds, myths are created and facts can be the casualty.

The WA Mining Club and Energy Club are collaborating in a series of sundowner events over the coming year, inviting subject matter experts to provide a factual education on various aspects of nuclear power generation.

Throughout the series, we’ll discuss reactor technology (including current state of SMR technology), the nuclear fuel supply chain with conversion and enrichment processes, true power generation costs, supply and demand dynamics of uranium, through to operational safety and waste storage.

Join us for an introductory sundowner and hear from Tim Duff (Cameco) and Murray Hill (Elevate) as they lay the foundation for the series ahead.


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Thu 02nd May 2024
Hyatt Regency Perth, Adelaide Terrace
5:00PM to 8:00PM
Members $120 Non-Members $150 Young Professionals $80 Student $50
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