Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders Program


Key Dates

Applications now open – Apply Here.

The WAMC Emerging Leaders Program runs all year round. Emerging Leader applicants are paired with club members that have the experiences to mentor throughout the year.

About the Program

The WA Mining Club’s Emerging Leaders mentor program is a place where professionals of all ages in the mining industry have the opportunity to connect with experienced industry leaders.

The mining industry is constantly evolving, and the Emerging Leaders mentor program aims to support the development of the next generation of leaders in the sector. This program is open to all members of the WA Mining Club, and we encourage anyone who is looking to grow their career and expand their network to apply.

Mentoring is a valuable tool for personal and professional development. It provides a unique opportunity for mentees to gain insights and knowledge from experienced professionals who have been through similar experiences. A mentor can help guide you through career decisions, provide valuable feedback, and help you develop skills that will enhance your career prospects.

Through the Emerging Leaders mentor program, participants will have the chance to meet with their mentors at least once a month for six months. These meetings will provide a space for open communication, where participants can discuss industry trends, share experiences and insights, and work together to develop strategies to address key challenges facing the sector.

The benefits of participating in the Emerging Leaders mentor program are numerous. For mentees, it offers an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the industry, expand their network, and develop skills that will help them take their career to the next level. For mentors, it offers an opportunity to give back to the industry, share their knowledge and experience, and help shape the future of the mining industry.

We encourage all members of the WA Mining Club to apply to be a part of this exciting program. Whether you are a young professional looking to advance your career or an experienced industry leader looking to give back, the Emerging Leaders mentor program is the perfect opportunity to grow and connect with like-minded professionals in the mining industry. Don’t miss out on this chance to develop your skills and make a difference in the mining sector.