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Life Members and Past Presidents

Life Members and Past Presidents

Peter Parkinson (1978, 1979 (Est.) (dec)

Hector Ward (1980)

Anthony Van Toll (1981,1982) (dec)

Alan Dickson (1983)

Rob Ryan (1984,1985)

Evan Biggs (1986,1987) (dec)

Rod Dale (1988,1989)

Vivienne Snowden (1990)

Ross Matthewson (1991, 1992)

John Barton (1993-1995)

Tad Watroba (1996 – 1999)

John Barton (2000)

Bernard Siddall (2001-2002)

Steve Cowley (2003-2005) (dec)

Robert Nash (2006, 2007)

Mike Cippitelli (2008, 2009)

Jennifer Abols (2009, 2010)

Neil Watson (2011-2016)

Kirsty Danby (2017 -2019)

Damian Quail (2019-2020)


WA Mining Club life memberships are awarded to members who have made a significant and outstanding contribution to the WA Mining Club through their commitment to its goals and attendance and support of its events and to the broader mining community.

The WA Mining Club Committee considers and determines candidates for life membership on an annual basis.  Decisions are based against a set of criteria which includes:

  • consideration of their length of WA Mining Club membership;
  • past Committee involvement;
  • contribution to the mining industry; and
  • participation in educational initiatives.



Bernard Siddall 

Robert Farrell

Mike Cippitelli

Tad Watroba

Vic Bullo

Michael Hebden


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Alan Dickson

Eddie Plume

Neil Watson

Kirsty Danby

Steve Cowley (dec)

Evan Biggs (dec)

Peter Atkinson (dec)