Categories and Applications

Categories and Applications

Eligibility Requirements

Scholarship Applications for 2024 are now open! 

They will close 31st March at 11:59pm.

Students who intend to study at an Australian University in 2024 may apply for one primary and one secondary Scholarships.

The selection of each scholarship recipient is completed by a panel from the scholarship co-sponsor and a representative of the WA Mining Club. The selection panel considers the applicant’s

  • Academic and/or work record
  • Personal and financial circumstances
  • Likely future contribution to the Mining Industry
  • Near-term commitment to the sponsor company and the WA Mining Club

Short-listed candidates are required to attend an interview with the selection panel as described above – they can be done as specified by the scholarship company.

It is intended that the Scholarships will be awarded to University students (this will include online students), proof of enrolment may be requested. Consideration will be given to students who can demonstrate financial hardship or whose cultural, geographic or personal circumstances may affect their capacity to pursue a tertiary education. Scholarships can be awarded to international students who hold a student visa and are studying in Australia in 2024.

The intent of the Indigenous Upskilling Scholarship is to provide financial support to those who may already be working full time to upskill their qualifications, or to enhance their careers through future studies.

All applicants must possess a firm commitment to working within the mining industry.

The WA Mining Club reserves the right to not award a Scholarship if there are no suitable applicants or applications are not of a sufficient standard.


The Scholarship categories for 2024 are:

Indigenous Upskilling Scholarship

Male Student in a Technical Discipline Scholarship

Female Student in a Technical Discipline Scholarship

Metallurgy / Chemical Engineering Scholarship

Mechanical or Electrical Engineering Scholarship

Mining Engineering Scholarship


People & Culture

Regional Student Studying Geology Scholarship

Environmental Sciences in the Mining Sector

Mature Aged Student