Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Any person whose job or business has a direct relationship to the resources industry can apply for membership.
No, the WA Mining Club only offers individual memberships in order to keep a direct relationship with its members. More than one person from the same company can apply for membership.
We have three types of membership available, including Standard Membership, Young Professionals Membership and Student Membership. In order to maintain balance across the WA Mining Club membership, member numbers are monitored across a range of industry categories.
An annual fee is due in January of each year. For members who join after June 30, a pro rata fee is calculated and members pay for the balance of the year they are joining, plus the following calendar year. An initial nomination fee is paid on acceptance of new members. The annual fee for memberships include: Standard Membership is $330.00 including a $50 new member nomination fee (including GST); Young Professional Membership is $90.00 (including GST); Student Membership is $35.00 (including GST). Annual membership fees for pro rata memberships cover the member until December of the following calendar year.  (Pro rata fees for the balance of this year and all of next year after June 30.)
Yes, our Rules of Association calls for all members to be referred via a member, but if you don’t know a member, we can arrange for one of our committee members to act as your referee.
To apply: for a Standard Membership click here; for a Young Professional Membership click here; for a Student Membership click here. Applications are then reviewed by the membership committee. You will be notified if your membership application has been successful. This process can take up to four weeks.
Unfortunately, until your membership is approved and the invoice is paid, you will still have to attend our events as a guest and pay the non-member price.
We are more than happy for you to remain on our database to receive invitations to our events as a non-member. As we are working to maintain a balance across all industry sectors, your membership might not be successful for a period of time. We regularly review our database and if we find we have vacancies in a particular sector, you will be contacted again to see if you are still interested in membership.