About Us

About Us

The West Australian Mining Club (WAMC) was formed in 1972 by a group of dedicated Perth based industry professionals who recognised the value of meeting regularly to network and discuss industry issues.

The WAMC contributes to the advancement of the Western Australian mining industry through promoting and encouraging general and technical information as well as knowledge sharing.

The club does this through:

  • Our monthly industry luncheons, ECU Education Series, regular networking and social events
  • Minesite, an annual publication showcasing the work of the WA Mining Club  and its members and highlighting issues relevant to the industry;
  • Education initiatives that support the future leadership of the industry such as our Scholarship program, and
  • Fundraising for charities such as the St John.

WA Mining Club members represent a wide cross section of the industry, our members showcase and share their work, innovations and breakthroughs to their peers.

The WA Mining Club  also provide members with relevant industry information. This includes topical issues and industry trends, particularly through its publications and guest speaker presentations.

From humble beginnings, the WA Mining Club  has built a reputation as one of the most effective networking organisations in Western Australia.