Eddie Plume Award
Angela Zjalic

Eddie Plume Award

The WA Mining Club would like to congratulate Angela Zjalic on being awarded the Eddie Plume Award.

This award is named after Eddie Plume, a valued WA Mining Club life member, The perpetual trophy is given to most outstanding scholarship winner every year. The trophy is a testament to the club’s commitment to supporting young talent in STEM-related fields and its dedication to promoting the future of the mining industry.

Angela Zjalic commented,

”I’m so excited to share that I’ve been awarded the Eddie Plume Award (Most Outstanding Sponsored Student) by the WA Mining Club during the February Luncheon.

Where do I begin…
The last 18 months of my university career has been such a whirlwind! It all began with the WA Mining Club scholarship which became my catalyst for all the opportunities I’ve received since. From gaining experience in both sides of the resources sector to speaking at the IMARC 2023 conference in Sydney, I cannot count my lucky stars enough to have had these privileges.

Although this award intends to recognise my work and accomplishments, I would rather extend my gratitude and recognition to those who have mentored, taught and backed me through it all.

Barry Upton , Cassandra Brennan, Joshua Brennan, Dani Tamati, Nat Taylor and Jordan Pedley are not only the people that have been so instrumental to my journey thus far, but also represent the positive impact the WA Mining Club is creating towards young professionals.

Thank you to the community that has embraced and encouraged me in all of my endeavors. At every networking event or new job, I have truly seen the willingness to support students and young professionals as we progress further into our careers.

With only this year left before I graduate my finance and geology degree, I’m excited to see all the amazing things still yet to come.

2025 graduate programs that cater to my geology and finance interests are my current priority and would love to discuss any opportunities out there!”