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Becoming a Sponsor

Becoming a Sponsor

Sponsorships provide an opportunity for business and the WA Mining Club to work together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

There are many ways in which partnerships based around sponsorship of events and functions can add value to both the sponsor and the WA Mining Club.

Sponsoring a WA Mining Club event or scholarship provides access to a wide range of mining and resources sector participants. Event sponsorship also allows the WA Mining Club to maintain a member-focus and minimise entry costs to events.

The WA Mining Club is happy to consider any opportunities where we can work together to mutual advantage. We have limited opportunities available for 2019.  Should you wish to discuss how you can partner with the WA Mining Club, please contact Craig Franklin on 08 9279 9151 or email sponsorships@waminingclub.asn.au

For details on all sponsorship opportunities for 2019 please email Craig Franklin