Minesite Annual

Minesite Annual

The Minesite Annual provides a “year in review” of the activities of the WA Mining Club, as well as showcasing aspects of WA’s resources industry.

It combines specialist commentary on issues of interest to our industry and provides an insight into the work, innovations and challenges of many WA resource companies. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without spectacular photographs of the incredible and vast mining tenements and operations across our state.

MINESITE is distributed to all WA Mining Club members, and is direct-mailed to CEOs of WA-registered mining companies, the Premier and Ministers’ Offices, DMRIS as well as a number of resource-related organisations, educational institutions and government departments. MINESITE is often found in company reception areas and boardrooms, and the publication has a long shelf-life and prominent visibility. It is also regularly viewed online:

Last year it was sent to all companies who advertised or wrote an editorial which included BHP, Roy Hill, FMG and Rio Tinto to name a few. Don’t miss out on your chance for your company to be showcased alongside these prestigious mining companies.

The 2023 Minesite Annual Publication is here! Click below to read.


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