Miners Mingle – Mining Through the Murk

Event - Miners Mingle – Mining Through the Murk


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Mining Through the Murk: Resilience, Persistence, Support and Recovery when Times are Tough

People say “pressure makes diamonds”, but sometimes that doesn’t seem possible. Stress in our personal and professional lives can sometimes seem never ending and inescapable. Financial pressure, problems with your partner or family, inability to click with your colleagues or turn off your negative self-talk, substance abuse, the loss or absence of a special person from your life… the stressors are diverse.

Come and hear from our panellists are they discuss their own experiences and share their strategies for building healthy mines from healthy minds.


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Wed 15th May 2024
Mayfair Lane
5:00PM to 8:00PM
$35 YP Member $35 Student Member $50 Standard Member $70 Non-Member
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