Dani Tamati Appointed President of the WA Mining Club
Dani Tamati

Dani Tamati Appointed President of the WA Mining Club

Dani Tamati, Managing Director of The Resources Hub, has been appointed the role of President of the WA Mining Club, marking a significant moment in the club’s leadership and direction.

Dani brings with her a wealth of experience and a proven track record of driving positive change and innovation within the mining and resources sector. Under her leadership at The Resources Hub, Dani has excelled in bridging workforce gaps and elevating recruitment standards, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

As President, Dani will leverage her expertise to champion the interests of the mining community. Her leadership will focus on collaboration and growth across various portfolios crucial to the club’s mission.

The WA Mining Club committee is a group of well-respected industry professionals, and under Dani’s leadership, are each tasked with responsibilities to ensure the club’s objectives are met effectively:

Barry Upton: Vice President, Lead – Education Engagement, Finance, Young Professionals

Natalie Taylor: Secretary, Memberships, External Relations, Governance, Marketing

Hanns Ramcharit: Treasurer

Sharon Goddard: Lead – Governance, External Relations

Jordan Pedley: Lead – Marketing, Lead – Young Professionals, Memberships

Rob Humphryson: Lead – Speaker Engagement, Young Professionals, Education Engagement

Tim Taylor: Lead – Memberships

Melinda Addison: Education Engagement, Governance

Drew O’Sullivan: Speaker Engagement, Partners & Sponsors

The WA Mining Club looks forward to the year ahead under Dani’s presidency, characterised by collaboration, innovation, and sustained progress in advancing the interests of its members and stakeholders.