President’s address

President’s address

Christmas is behind us and we have rung in the New Year, so it is time we say Welcome to 2021 from the WA Mining Club Committee.

2020 was a year that presented both large challenges and new opportunities for our Club and all of our members. I am very proud of the way the Committee worked to ensure we could all get through the uncertainty of COVID-19 and rebound quickly from the immediate impact of the pandemic. As well, I am deeply grateful for the commitment of our members and partners and everything we have learned and achieved in an otherwise challenging 2020.

While there may still be some uncertainty on how this year will unfold, the WA Mining Club are excited to build on the momentum our amazing Club gained in 2020, despite the many challenges we all faced!

2021 is already shaping up to be a big year and we are looking forward to showcasing our events and new initiatives for the year.