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Underground Operators Conference 2017 AUSIMM

Event - Underground Operators Conference 2017 AUSIMM

Capturing the Opportunities: Communication, Collaboration, Innovation

Since the last Underground Operators’ Conference in 2014 the global market downturn has had a severe negative impact on our industry and by association, many of our colleagues. Some have been fortunate to maintain full-time employment throughout this period, while others have not.

Signs of improvement to the industry are slowly emerging, however there remains opportunities to be realised and it is in difficult times that innovation thrives through necessity. We need to be adaptable and smarter! We need to share ideas and collaborate to ensure that the mining industry as a whole moves forward. Finally, we need to communicate our ideas; throughout history people have built on the ideas of others and ultimately society has benefitted. It should be no different in the mining industry.

It is for that reason that regular forums such as The AusIMM Underground Operators’ Conference are vital to the development of the profession generally. UGOPS2017 will provide an opportunity for practitioners to share their learnings, provide inspiration and produce an ongoing reference for years to come.

On behalf of the organising committee of the 13th AusIMM Underground Operators Conference, I invite you to the Gold Coast in October 2017 to share ideas and experience, to learn from your colleagues, to renew past acquaintances and extend your professional networks.

Peter Hills FAusIMM(CP)
Conference Chair

Underground Operators Conference 2017 AUSIMM
Mon 16th October 2017 - Wed 18th October 2017
Gold Coast, Australia
5:30PM to 7:30PM
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