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AusIMM Open Pit Operators’ Conference 2016

Event - AusIMM Open Pit Operators’ Conference 2016

The theme of the Ninth AusIMM Open Pit Operators’ Conference 2016 (OPO2016) will be ‘Adapting to Change’ – an ongoing requirement of business improvement to be successful. In some cases, this means constantly revisiting existing or historical operations, streamlining mine planning/scheduling to deliver improved outcomes based on the changed economic requirements. This may involve contraction or expansion of operations/equipment or different transitions between open pit and underground mining to drive productivity and efficiency in mining.

OPO2016 will provide an opportunity for the collective exchange of ideas and recent learnings on these issues between industry, suppliers, innovators, marketing, regulators and all stakeholders. Attend to obtain a collaborative advantage and achieve improved outcomes.

Attending OPO2016 in Kalgoorlie offers the opportunity to visit and experience small to very large open pit operations in both soft and hard rock via tours being held before and after the conference. The local operations highlight collaborative examples between regulators, community and the supply/logistics networks to continue delivery of business improvements by adapting to change.

AusIMM Open Pit Operators’ Conference 2016
Tue 15th November 2016 - Wed 16th November 2016
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
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