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St Barbara’s Day Lunch

St Barbara’s Day Lunch

St Barbara’s Day pays tribute to the patron saint of mining and geology

Traditionally held on the first Friday of December, WA Mining Club members and their guests take the opportunity to pause and appreciate the people dedicated to the mining industry, and celebrate the rich endowment of mineral wealth that underpins much of our economy and provides hope for the future. It is a time for fellowship and fraternity, and to remember those who have been lost in our industry throughout the past year.

Our guest speakers take the opportunity to share their personal journey of their career in the resources industry – particularly the highs and lows, and generally provide a story of inspiration to our audience.

St Barbara’s Day is one of the Club’s biggest events, attracting 500+ guests and is always attended by leaders of industry, government and media.  We also raise money through our annual auction for our charity of choice – St John Ambulance.

This year the 2019 St Barbara’s Day event will be held on 6 December.

Please go to the event calendar at https://waminingclub.asn.au/event/st-barbaras-day/