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Young Professionals Awards Night

Young Professionals Awards Night

What is the Awards Night?

The Awards Night is a set of awards designed to recognise young professionals in the mining industry who have demonstrated excellence in their field, shown leadership and inclusiveness and created value to the mining industry and wider community. As a club, we want to promote young professionals across a variety of disciplines to highlight their contribution and leadership to the mining industry.

There are a total of seven awards available for nomination and are as follows:

  • Community Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Geology & Technical Award
  • Engineering Award
  • Corporate Award
  • Operational Performance Award
  • Member Award


How do I participate and am I eligible?

To participate, you will need someone to complete a nomination form on your behalf. Alternatively, you can also nominate yourself. As a bonus for nominating someone, each nomination you make qualifies as an entry to a raffle prize.[1]

To be an eligible winner you must be a participant in the mining industry and it must be your primary field of exposure. As a young professional winner, you must be 34 years or younger (cut-off date is 31/12/1987).


Which award can I qualify for?

You can be nominated for the award that is most applicable to your job role or aligns most with an achievement you have done. Please see below a brief overview of some example roles / activities / criteria within each award category.

Note: nominees do not need to meet all the criteria in the category. These are only examples of particular roles / activities / criteria.

  • Community Award
    1. Indigenous work in mining
    2. Environmental services that support mining
    3. Government support roles for the industry
    4. Community engagement roles
    5. Social work within mining


  • Innovation Award
    1. Technology within mining
    2. Entrepreneurship
    3. Improving the mining industry through innovation
    4. Implementing meaningful change across mining supply chain


  • Geology & Technical Award
    1. Operations geologists
    2. Consulting geologists
    3. Corporate geologists
    4. Surveyors
    5. Specialised technical professionals (e.g. tailings, ESG)


  • Engineering Award
    1. Mining
    2. Mechanical
    3. Civil
    4. Geotechnical
    5. Processing
    6. Other engineering disciplines


  • Corporate Award
    1. Corporate analyst / business development
    2. Human resources
    3. Finance professionals
    4. Lawyers
    5. Public relations within mining


  • Operational Performance Award
    1. Exceptional safety initiative by an individual
    2. Executed a significant value-add to an operation
    3. Implemented a positive change in operations
    4. Demonstrates continued outstanding work in operations
    5. Engages in extracurricular mining support (ERT / EMT, employee development programs, etc.)


  • Member Award
    1. Award for a member of the WAMC YP from any discipline
    2. Actively contributes to the WAMC
    3. Attends events and regularly looks to promote the Club
    4. Promotes inclusiveness within the mining industry
    5. Current / aspiring leader in their field
    6. Proven track record of commitment to the Club


Can I be nominated for multiple awards?

No, you can only be nominated for one award; however, we may move nominations into another category that is more applicable to the applicant. We understand there may be multiple nominations for the same person across multiple categories, we will ensure that in such an event the nomination will be in the category most applicable.


Can I nominate multiple people?

Yes, you can nominate as many people as you like. Each nomination, up to a total of 5, will count towards a raffle entry. We do advise nominations to be complete and correct and will exclude “fake” nominations from the raffle prize draw at our discretion.


What is the cost to nominate?

There is no cost to nominate, only a small amount of your time to promote the important work someone is doing for the industry that deserves recognition.


Do I need to be a member to nominate?

No, anyone can nominate someone working in the mining industry that falls into the appropriate category.


How does the nomination process work?

Nominations will be live on the WA Mining Club Website in the coming weeks. Once live, you will be able to follow the prompts and fill out the nomination questions.


When is the Awards Night / announcements of winners?

The Awards Night will be in the second half of 2021 and at one of our regular quarterly events. Exact timings will be released at a later date.


What are the prizes?

The prizes for winning a category are to be finalised as we work with key partners. More information will be announced at a later date. This includes the raffle prize.


Do I need to attend the event to receive my award / raffle prize?

Yes, all winners are required to attend the event. Only under certain circumstances can winners be exempt from attending. In such a case, we will work with the winner on the best course of action. Raffle prize winners must be present at the draw, there will be no exemptions for this.


Will I be notified of my outcome?

You will only be notified if you are a successful winner in your category. Raffle prize winners will only be notified at the event when the raffle is drawn. You must be present to receive the raffle prize.


What are the benefits of winning an award?

The Awards Night strives to highlight individuals in the mining industry that show leadership, promote inclusiveness and are continually looking to improve the industry. As a category winner, you are given the opportunity to show the important work you are doing to industry peers and the wider community. There will be a degree of personal marketing and other initiatives by the Club to ensure the message and work is propagated throughout the Club’s network.


How will a nominee be assessed?

The WA Mining Club contributes to the advancement of the Western Australian mining industry through promoting and encouraging participates to share their knowledge. The Club encourages leadership, inclusiveness, innovation, resilience, determination, commitment and ambition. These qualities will be a key area of review when selecting category winners.