President’s Cup Golf Day Report

President’s Cup Golf Day Report

It was a breezy and sun-filled March afternoon at the picturesque Joondalup Golf Resort where some of mining’s most prominent businesses, supporters of industry and skilled golfers, (along with the not-so-skilled…no names mentioned… until later in the article anyway), gathered for the 2018 President’s Cup Golf Day.  The Golf Day is an annual event providing the opportunity to share thoughts and insights on industry and to connect with acquaintances old and new.

Importantly, the proceeds from the Golf Day are directed towards the WA Mining Club’s Scholarships Program to support the new generation of industry leaders and professionals.  It makes the event not only an essential fixture, but also an important enabler for us to fund this long-standing and worthwhile program.

This year’s WA Mining Club Presidents Golf Day was, as always, a fun-filled affair with a healthy mix of the usual intra / inter-team competitive spirit and fine sportsmanship. Among the kangaroos and native Australian flora were freshly shucked oysters and essential refreshments (mostly of the bubbling variety), and the tell-tale sounds of a good time with the echoes of laughter, well-intentioned but solid banter (let’s be honest it was heckling) and the crack of wood on resin.

A big congratulations to all those who finished on the winners podium this year with the McNally team with Nick Vogel, Michael Kenny, Viv Roberts and Tyson Keed taking out the prestigious first prize followed by Manie Bekker, Johann Herbst, Ross Ashton and David Zucaro and then in third place Brian Laurenson, Mike Parry, Stefan Muller and Jonathan Victor.  As always it was a tight finish with the first three teams separated by only 0.3points. The other awards rounding off the day were won by Stefan Muller who managed to get the dimpled ball closest to the pin and to Mark Doig for the longest drive with a strike powered by sheer brute force. The somewhat less prestigious NAGA award for last prize was presented to the sheer delight of the crowd to the good sports from IGO, as always, a good hearted and fun prize to award.

The talented and flukiest (not mentioning any names Viv) individual players were not only crucial bragging rights but the amazing hole-in-one prize.  Here the course didn’t discriminate between skilled and lucky – as any competitor could win a brand-new Toyota Camry Hybrid.   Unfortunately for punters there was no such luck and the morning uber trip back to the resort to pick up your new car will have to wait until next year.

With such a strong focus by the club on diversity and inclusion it was fantastic to see our best female turnout to the Presidents Cup Golf day since its inception with an attendance level of twenty players from last year’s one! A special mention to the teams from IGO and 360 Environmental who fielded teams entirely made up of women.

The club would like to extend a warm thank you to all those that participated in the day and so generously assisted us to achieve the objective for which this event is proudly held. We would especially like to thank our valued sponsors, without whose generous support this event wouldn’t have been the great success it was. This year’s sponsors included St John – our Premium Partner, RUC Cementation and Mining who hosted our famous oyster shucking hole and 360 Environmental who offered the beer and biltong to the players.  RJV were our luncheon sponsors and Hays once again looked after our post golf function.  No golf day is complete without some liquid refreshment, so our thanks go to Engenium and Scope Australia for the drinks carts!

All the sponsors of this event can be viewed at https://waminingclub.asn.au/events-page/annual-golf-day/

A special thanks to all this year’s participants who made the day a great success.  Looking forward to the 2019 President’s Cup Golf Day.

Article courtesy of Emanuel Gherardi, Scholarships Committee, WA Mining Club and Constructive.