The WA Mining Club is returning to live events!

The WA Mining Club is returning to live events!

The WA Mining Club is pleased to announce it is back to holding live luncheons.

As you all know, COVID-19 meant we were not able to host our regular luncheons. Instead, we worked to deliver the same services you all signed up for as WA Mining Club members, and we also held livestreamed events.

The livestreamed events were a huge success, attracting hundreds of guests over the three panel events we hosted, and we thank you for continuing to support us by attending these events.

WA Mining Club President Damian Quail said: Many thanks to our Club’s management and administration team —  Nichola Nugent, our General Manager, Cassandra Brennan, our Events Manager and Claire Clarke, our Bookkeeper and IT specialist — for keeping the Club running through a very difficult time.

“Thanks also to our Committee for their dedication and voluntary commitment of time and effort to ensure our Club continues to prosper. And thanks to our members, of course, for sticking with us!”

As we turn to the next Club event, we look forward to seeing you all in person once again at an incredibly special event for the Club, our Indigenous Relations – The Next Generation Luncheon on 30 July at Beaumonde on the Point.

We will explore the following questions and more:

• What the mining industry has done to help support indigenous people within the mining industry?
• What can the mining industry do to improve the support of indigenous people and regional communities?
• How is the industry supporting females to develop their skills and what improvements can be made?
• What are the barriers for indigenous businesses who wish to engage with both mining companies and suppliers to the industry?
• What has changed in the last twelve months with regard to indigenous relations?
• Where to from here?

Our panel of speakers will include:

Florence Drummond, Founder and CEO, Indigenous Women in Mining & Resources Australia

Andrea Maxey, VP Corporate Affairs, Community and HR, AngloGoldAshanti

Jarni McGuire, 2019 WA Mining Club Indigenous Student Scholarship Winner

Amanda Healy, Chief Executive Officer, Warrikal

April O’Reilly, Manager Organisational Development, Fortescue Metals Group

As the event is now sold out, we have opened up the opportunity for you to watch the event via our livestreaming platform. Should you wish to purchase a pass to log in, the tickets are $50 for members and $75.00 for non members.

Please email events@waminingclub.asn.au to access the login details