Breakfast Series July

Event - Breakfast Series July

The WA Mining Club is proud to announce our new quarterly series of breakfast functions.

The energy and mining sectors have been increasingly embracing remote operations and AI in recent years to improve efficiency and safety and reduce costs and carbon emissions. The adoption of these game-changing technologies is driving the need for new skills and expertise, but it also raises concerns around displacement of traditional jobs and skills redundancy as well as data security and cyber concerns. It is vital that future mining and energy activities are undertaken in a sustainable and considered manner, which is critical for the purposes of maintaining a strong social licence to operate.

Join us at the June Energy and Resources Breakfast to learn how these emerging technologies can help to address some of the biggest challenges facing energy and mining companies and the technological advances that are being deployed to drive safer, more efficient, and sustainable practices in the industry.

Sponsorship opportunities for this event are available. If you are interested, please email sponsorships@waminingclub.asn.au for more information.

Thu 13th July 2023
Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom, Adelaide Terrace, East Perth
7:00AM to 9:00AM
$85 Members $120 Non Members $65 YP Members
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