Miners Mingle
Matt Michael Dave Rose

Miners Mingle

The WA Mining Club was delighted with the YP 2024 kickoff event held at Mayfair Lane pub in West Perth last Thursday evening, where Matt Michael of ‘Money of Mine’ podcast fame (YP event MC for 2024) interviewed KPMG consulting’s David Rose. Matt declared early that it wasn’t going to be a debate – debating a Rhodes scholar being a fool’s errand. What ensued was an extremely engaging and informative discussion, ranging from the juxtaposition of going from the heady environment of Oxford Uni to being brought back to earth days later by airleg miners on the 10 level at the Long mine in Kambalda, through to thoughts around leadership and observations on changes in the industry during his career. David reflected on the changes to safety standards (largely driven under the DMIRS leadership of Jim Torlach and the WMC elimination of fatalities taskforce), through to the significant improvement in ground support standards, to the introduction of rubber tyred diesel equipment, advent of contractors, 1000V equipment  and the irony that the industry is attempting to boomerang back to electrical operations (referring to the common use of small underground electric locos until the 1990s). We also heard about some of the more challenging moments of David’s career, gaining lifelong leadership skills when promoted to a maintenance role and having to manage a team with superior technical knowledge to himself, to the challenges of dealing with a month long sit-in protest by the traditional owner group whilst manager of the Century Zinc Mine in Qld. In keeping with the event title ‘Proud to be a Miner’, David made an impassioned plea for people to actively promote the many positive aspects of our industry and the fact that the results of our hard work underpin the fundamental building blocks of modern society. In particular we should be proud of our industry’s advances in environmental performance and rail against the ‘ban mining’ brigade who would risk our standard of living in Australia in favour of offshoring mining to other jurisdictions with lesser environmental standards. David rounded out with a very well researched and intelligent opinion on the current state of energy mixes being adopted around the world and particularly in Australia and the important role of mining in all energy mix solutions.

David and Matt stayed ‘til stumps to network with the 160 attendees. A great evening with lots of very positive feedback on the night and since. There are many more YP events planned (non YPs welcome to attend also). Check the WA Mining Club website for details. We all have a role to play to make these events even better in future – if you’re a YP, please spread the word among others, particularly those working FIFO rosters and if you’re more senior and in charge of YPs, please recommend that they come along to events (and maybe even offer for the company to fund it !)

Thanks to sponsors and everyone that attended.

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