2024 February Luncheon – Market Outlook Livestream

Event - 2024 February Luncheon – Market Outlook Livestream

This is a livestreamed version of this event.

Commodity markets in 2023 were like a rollercoaster, with serious market g-forces from all the gyration, leaving us not knowing which way was up.

Lithium soared until it didn’t, gold didn’t until it did, finishing the year in record territory, base metals wobbled when arguably they should have firmed, nickel in particular fell victim to non ESG friendly Asian production, iron ore rose and fell on shadowy news out of China, critical and strategic metals emerged as markets of growing importance, energy metals swung wildly based upon the  climate policies of the political stripe of the day, with uranium emerging as a firming future pick and the death of coal and gas badly misjudged, all against a backdrop of major international skirmishes, international supply chains disrupted by the pandemic, and interest rates, fuel and power costs contributing to inflationary pressures.

No full stops in that diatribe intentionally to reflect the breathless nature of 2023.

So what does 2024 hold in store for us ?

Join us to find out at the WA Mining Club’s first luncheon of the year ‘2024 Market Outlook’, reprising the very popular event from previous years. Hear from a panel of experts, expertly moderated with knowledgeable and witty insights from Liam Twigger.

Between the panel discussion and the networking you’ll be guaranteed to go home much wiser.


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Thu 29th February 2024
12:20PM to 2:00PM
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