September Movements

September Movements

Movements this month include the resignation of Brad Marwood from the role of chief executive of Tiger Resources.

Mr Marwood, has resigned after serving in the role since 2010. Michael Griffiths, currently Tiger director, will act as chief executive for an initial interim period of six months. Mr Griffiths has been a director at Tiger since 2012 and is also on the boards of East Africa Resources and RMG. Prior to Tiger, Mr Griffiths was managing director of Sub-Sahara Resources from 1998 until its merger with Chalice Gold Mines in 2009.

Sydney-based Arrium has appointed Denise Goldsworthy non- executive director. Mrs Goldsworthy is a former managing director of Rio Tinto’s HIsmelt and Dampier Salt businesses, and she is now the current chair of the ChemCentre.

Emergent Resources has appointed Bevan Tarrat to its board of directors. Mr Tarratt is the current director of Stonehenge Metals. Non-executive director Wolfgang Fischer resigned from the company.

Terrence Clee and Elizabeth Hunt have been appointed as non –executive directors of Victory Mines

Buxton Resources’ Julian Stephens has resigned as non-executive director, after being the technical director of Buxton since August 2011.

David Wheeler and Joe Graziano have been appointed as non-executive directors of Antares Mining. Mr Wheeler is also a director of Lithex Resources, Oz Brewing and Kim Mining. Brian McMaster and Matt Wood have resigned from the positions of executive director and executive chairman.

Tap Oil has appointed Michele Ryan as company secretary, and she will act as general counsel. General sounsel and company secretary Melanie Williams has resigned.

Director of The Carajas Copper Company Antonio José de Almeida has resigned

Directors Charles Waterman and Niles Helmboldt have resigned from Equator Resources.

Torian Resources has appointed Mark Studd as company secretary, after the resignation of Elissa Hanses, who worked with the company since October 2011.

NWQ Capital Management has appointed Stuart McClure as managing director. Mr McClure has more than 19 years’ experience working in financial markets and has spent the past 18 years with Macquarie Group.

Ajit Patel has been appointed chief operating officer of Aspermont. Mr Patel joined Aspermont in 2013 as chief information officer.

Karen Clark has been appointed as a non-executive director of Mount Burgess Mining

Constantino Markopoulos has resigned as non-executive director of Fairstar Resources.

Giuseppe (Joe) Ariti has resigned as non-executive director of Kogi Iron. Mr Ariti had been a director of the company since June 2012.

Emeco Holdings managing director Ken Lewsey has resigned.  Mr Lewsey had been the managing director of the company since 2013, previous roles include working at Aurizon for roughly six years, and in the final two years he served as executive vice-president for business development.  Chief operating officer, Ian Testrow, has been appointed managing director of Emeco holdings following the announcement. Mr Testow has been with the company since 2006. Before 2006 he was a business manager at Dyno Nobel.

Recent changes to Emeco’s board include Greg Hawkins elevation from chief financial officer to executive director for finance.

Northern Mining has appointed Gerald Woon as a non- executive director. Mr Woon has also been named vice chairman of the company.

Newfield Resources’ Murray Kornweibel has resigned as non-executive director.

Artemis Resources has appointed Campbell Bair to their board. Mr Baird is the treasurer for the Association of Mining and Exploration companies’ executive council. Guy Robertson has retired from his role as director, but will continue as chief financial officer.

Geopacific Resources director Russel Fountain has retired from his position

Maca has appointed Robert Ryan as non–executive director. Mr Ryan will assume the role of the board’s remuneration committee.

Triton Minerals has appointed Paul Ferreira as non-executive director of the company.