Remembering the miners who did not return home

Remembering the miners who did not return home

This year 14 families did not welcome home their loved ones from working in the mining industry. According to Safe Work Australia, 14 people have died in the Australian mining sector as at 18 November 2014. Another 10 Australians went to work in the mining sector and did not come home in 2013.

Tragically, these workplace fatalities defy years of improved workplace safety practices in the mining industry, and are a chilling reminder that safety standards across the sector must be further improved.

The West Australian Mining Club is paying tribute to the members of the mining fraternity who lost their lives during the year by hosting a luncheon in the honour of St Barbara– the patron saint of the mining industry – on Friday 5th December.

The remembrance ceremony and luncheon provides an opportunity to remember those people who never returned home from work. The WA Mining Club will hold a much-anticipated prize draw for its annual fund-raising raffle with all proceeds donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The event also celebrates the rich endowment of mineral wealth that underpins much of our economy and provides a networking opportunity for members and guests.