June 2021 President’s Address

June 2021 President’s Address

Hello and welcome to the WA Mining Club’s June newsletter, which covers a busy time for the club.

It was good to see everyone back in the room at our May lunch after we were forced to cancel April’s event because of COVID-19 restrictions.

We were treated to an engaging and informative panel discussion on the issues of sustainability and climate change.

For me, there were two memorable quotes from our panellists as they discussed decarbonisation and ESG: “If we don’t meet our net-zero targets we will be forced to change or go out of business” and “in the past, sustainability reports (and social and environmental issues) used to be glossed over by boards and shareholders, but now they dominate the conversation in the boardroom.”

We now have a new committee. Congratulations to the re-elected and new committee members and thank you to the 2020/21 committee for their great work in what was a very challenging year.

Our Young Professionals Subcommittee has also done a magnificent job this year. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

It was announced at the AGM that despite the COVID restrictions we still managed to provide eight scholarships last year. We are now in our 19th year of the program, and to date we have awarded 92 scholarships worth close to $800,000. Thank you to our partners and sponsors.

Among the projects we have underway are the Buddy Program and the YP Awards Night — and we’re already planning for the WAMC’s 50 Year Anniversary in 2022.

Natalie Taylor

WA Mining Club President