Fortescue, no longer just an Iron Ore Business 
Dino Fortescue

Fortescue, no longer just an Iron Ore Business 

By Jordan Pedley 

At the WA Mining Club’s March Luncheon Dino Otranto, COO of Fortescue, shared his story opening up to the club’s members and guests about his family, career and passion for decarbonisation. Working with some of the biggest mining organisations over his career, Dino has had the ability to see firsthand the positive impact and opportunities mining has had on society. 

‘’Fortescue is rapidly changing its own DNA from within to change its own operations’’.  

Fortescue’s ambitious targets were highlighted by Dino – All Fortescue mines and operations will be green by 2030 with the ambition not to use any offsets in that target.  

‘’We must work differently and together to solve some of these problems’’.  

As the room looked at a photo of Dino’s three kids he stated ‘’We need to get moving, these three are my why, find your why’’.  

Dino spoke about different technologies in processing green steel including direct reduction hydrogen-based steel manufacturing plants currently operating overseas.  

‘’Would you pay a couple more dollars on your mobile phone to get a green source?’’ Dino asked the room.  

Diesel security, price volatility and strategic supply risk is also a driver of Fortescue’s net-zero targets. Decarbonisation isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the profitable thing to do.  

‘’Our doors are open to help people’’ Dino stated. His passion for decarbonisation and collaboration was clear.  The presentation finished with a large number of questions from the floor extending the conversation and allowing Dino to elaborate.