DMP puts the spotlight on Safety

DMP puts the spotlight on Safety

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety has started releasing monthly and quarterly safety data snapshots on key topics in the minerals sector that have been identified as potential areas of concern.

The first monthly snap shot focuses on blasting practices and the first quarterly performance snapshot data indicates that of the 220 injuries recorded between January and March 2017, 58 were minor, processing plants had the most injuries with 22% closely followed by mechanical fitters and while underground production and development areas had the highest percentage of injuries, the rate of underground injuries has declined in the past six months, whereas surface injuries have increased over the past six months. ,

Mines Safety Director Andrew Chaplan says the information aims to assist industry in making more data-driven decisions in relation to safety.

“Increasing the sue of data driven decision-making is an important focus for the department,“ Mr Chaplyn said.

“We collect so much information…it is important we use that data to improve our understanding.”

He said better use of the data also enabled the department to identify emerging safety trends and better direct regulatory effort.

The quarterly and monthly safety snapshots can be accessed and downloaded from the department’s website.