Promoting Western Australia’s mining industry at the Resource Connect Asia conference
Jordan Pedley Dani Tamiti WA Mining Club

Promoting Western Australia’s mining industry at the Resource Connect Asia conference

By Jordan Pedley 

The WA Mining Club attended the Resource Connect Asia conference in Singapore recently. The conference was an opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals, share insights, and explore potential business opportunities for WA Mining businesses. The WA Mining Club showcased the capabilities of Western Australia’s mining industry, including its rich mineral resources, advanced technologies, and sustainable practices.  

The delegation participated in panel discussions, presentations, and workshops to gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the mining industry in Asia. The conference offered a valuable platform to connect with industry leaders, policymakers, investors, and other stakeholders and to promote Western Australia’s mining industry as a global leader in innovation and sustainability. 

Stewart McDonald and the team from Vertical Events successfully delivered the first Resource Connect Asia – Future Facing Commodities Singapore 2023. The event was highly successful, drawing a diverse group of attendees and guest speakers from around the world, with many new connections formed. it was fabulous to see some familiar WA Mining Club members, sponsors and partners during the stay.

We’d like to also extend our congratulations to many participating companies for taking the crucial first step of presenting their businesses to a new investor audience in Asia’s financial HUB, and what a perfect location Singapore was.

Both Jordan Pedley and Dani Tamati from the WA Mining Club Committee attended this event. They were excited to speak with our Singapore Mining Club counterparts to discuss further collaboration between the clubs which will mutually benefit all members, and the soon to be launched Vancouver Mining Club.

The committee is excited to see the growth of this event, and already counting down until next year.