Mining Through the Murk
Miners Mingle Mining Through the Murk

Mining Through the Murk

The WA Mining Club Young Professionals recently organised a thought-provoking event “Mining Through the Murk” at May Fair Lane in West Perth. The focus of the event was to delve into an aspect that can easily be overlooked of mental health, resilience, and overall well-being in the mining industry.

The panel discussion, led by Jenn Morris OAM, Peter Miller, and Becky Felstead, provided a platform for discussions on the challenges individuals face in maintaining mental and emotional balance in the mining industry. The panelists drew from their personal experiences to shed light on the diverse stressors encountered in both personal and professional realms.

The reality is, “pressure makes diamonds,” but the path to resilience isn’t always clear-cut. Stressors ranging from financial pressures to strained relationships can take a toll on one’s mental health. Substance abuse, interpersonal conflicts, and the loss of loved ones further compound these challenges.

However, the event didn’t dwell on the struggles but emphasised strategies for cultivating healthy minds in the mining sector. Through open dialogue and shared experiences, attendees gained insights into effective coping mechanisms and resilience-building techniques.

Matt Michael from Money of Mine infused the event with his down-to-earth personality as he hosted the Miners Mingle segment. His approachable demeanor fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie, encouraging attendees to connect and support one another.

In a no-frills manner, the “Mining Through the Murk” event addressed an important issue within the industry, highlighting the significance of prioritising mental health and well-being.