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CyberWest Summit – 10 & 11 May

Event - CyberWest Summit – 10 & 11 May

Here in Western Australia, we are punching well above our weight in the cyber space area, and cyber security has never been more important.

The Cyber West Summit 2023 aims to showcase and deliver WA’s capabilities, to help you understand how to secure your data, connecting you to local industry experts.

This summit promises to be an easy-to-understand educational experience, with world class speakers, bridging the gap between the human and technical elements of cyber security.


Information designed for non-technical people.

World Class

The calibre of the speakers is world class.

Strategic Learning

Bringing together different industry perspectives.

The Gap

Bridging the gap between the human and technical elements of cyber security.

The Summit will provide attendees with a range of hands-on workshops and presentations giving them the tools to ensure cyber security is considered at all stages of their organisation and product development.

Of particular interest to WA Mining Club members, will be those with operations including logistics, transport, and energy as these sectors have all been defined as ‘critical infrastructure’ by the updated Security of Critical Infrastructure Act (2018), and with this definition come new cyber security obligations.

Your systems and networks contain sensitive and valuable information, and it is important to protect this data.

The financial cost, downtime, and potential loss of clientele is too great to ignore. Join us at CyberWest Summit and reduce your cyber risk!

Check out the amazing program here: https://www.cyberwestsummit.com.au/

The CyberWest Summit is brought to you by CyberWest, WA’s Cyber Security Innovation Hub.

CyberWest Summit – 10 & 11 May
Wed 10th May 2023 - Thu 11th May 2023
Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth
8:00AM to 5:00pm - Followed by the Cyber After Dark sundowners in the Exhibition Space
$790 with a 20% discount for WA Mining Club Members, including 2 days of content, sundowners and workshops!
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