June 2020 Livestreamed Event – Let’s Talk About Mining and Energy

Event - June 2020 Livestreamed Event – Let’s Talk About Mining and Energy

Let’s talk about mining and energy – which energy source is greener? Safer? Cheaper? What role does the mining industry play? And what forces are obscuring the answers that science provides?

In what is tipped to be an entertaining and possibly bruising encounter, Mike Young in the red corner and George Bauk in the blue corner will explore some of the really big energy questions facing miners and policy makers in Australia.

With David Flanagan keeping our two pugilists in check, this lively and entertaining showdown will cover:

  • Nuclear energy versus renewable energy? Which is greenest, safest and cheapest?
  • The hidden costs of mining rare earths and  battery elements
  • Is the real issue Science vs Emotion?
  • What forces are working against replacement of fossil fuel energy?
  • How can we change the perception of non-fossil fuel energy technologies?
  • How can we improve the current approvals processes?

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Thu 25th June 2020
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12.00pm to 1.00pm
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