Member of the Month | Erin Bell
Member of the month

Member of the Month | Erin Bell

Almost a decade in an industry she loves has put Erin Bell in pole position to develop an app to help the remote mining workforce and employers. 

Erin moved from HR to become a health and safety officer for Rio Tinto, and working FIFO gave her the insights she needed for her business idea.  

Developing an app that gives a single platform for all workers to tackle key issues onsite like: communications, engagement, mental health and employee turnover. 

It is Erin’s strong belief that everyone deserves to be safe and happy at work and the Camp Connect App is a way of giving workers information they needed while on and offsite.  

‘I used a google maps approach for info on site They can access info on a particular site or town they’re working and living in,’ she says. 

‘It also has details on communications, emergency information, social issues, mental health and employee turnover, all on one platform.’ 

Working across tier 1 and tier 2  projects in iron ore, gold and nickel, Erin worked on rolling out new software projects, but it’s her experience right across the sector that helped shaped the Camp Connect app. 

‘It was hard work developing the app, I was working on it during my days off from an 8:6  FIFO roster before committing to it full time.’ 

For Erin the WA Mining Club offers great networking and she appreciates it’s support for local business. 

‘The Mining Club is so inclusive in nature, you meet so many different people, and I think one of its outstanding efforts is the support of young professionals to develop their careers.’ 

It’s been just over a year since Erin pulled on her steel cap work boots, these days she pulls on her running shoes instead, as well as juggling motherhood along with working on the Camp Connect App. 

‘I’m also very concerned about the devastation caused by climate change,’ she says. 

 And her wish list for 3 dinner guests? 

‘Definitely Sarah Blakely (US business woman and philanthropist), Andrew Forrest (mining entrepreneur and philanthropist) and Tony Robbins (author, self-help speaker and philanthropist).