Member of the Month

Member of the Month

Jordan Pedley – Director of Strategic Initiatives, MAX Plant

Jordan Pedley worked from the ground up during her seven-year journey with the mining industry.

Her mining roots stem from her time studying a Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing and Managing at Curtin University, when she joined crushing and screening manufacturer Striker.

“I was offered a job as a receptionist whilst studying and working at a bar,” Jordan said.

“Working alongside the marketing and administration team I then progressed into a role as marketing consultant for a year.”

Jordan was promoted to Marketing Manager and moved to Striker’s manufacturing facility in Malaysia for a year to learn more about the business.

She returned to Australia in March 2020 to work alongside the General Manager to bring more of Striker’s manufacturing to WA.

“I am currently looking at new procurement pathways, new build methods, and government funding opportunities to build more of our equipment here in WA,” Jordan said.

Jordan soon joined MAX Plant to grow the business through marketing, relationships and human capital while reducing costs through improving systems, technology, and processes, all while continuing her work with Striker.

“I juggle my time throughout a few organisations, though MAX Plant is my primary role,” Jordan said.

“MAX Plant is an Australian-owned and operated engineering and manufacturing company founded by my father, Craig Pedley, in 1998.

“We have delivered projects to MACA, FMG, Rapid, Rio Tinto and many tier-one mining and crushing contract companies.

“I am very passionate about my work and our business, and I love getting in the factory. It’s the best place to learn and where all the action happens.”

Mr Pedley was Jordan’s most memorable boss.

“He is so passionate about what he does and eager to share everything he has learnt and is still learning,” Jordan said.

“Craig guides me through the journey whilst allowing me to make my own mistakes when needed.

“With his passion, integrity, kindness, and humour, he truly is a great leader.”

During her time in the mining sector, Jordan has enjoyed being involved in the physical build process of Striker’s manufactured equipment and seeing the world and learning about culture through the eyes of local communities.

Recently, Jordan joined the WA Mining Club’s Buddy Mentoring program.

“This has really opened my eyes,” Jordan said.

“I am learning, gaining confidence, and listening to history about the industry through people who are willing to give back and invest time in the next generations.

“Thanks, George Bauk, for mentoring me.”

The inviting environment drove Jordan to become a member of the WA Mining Club in 2020.

“It has helped build my confidence, knowledge and network in the industry,” she said.

“The events are a great way to meet like-minded people focusing on common goals in relation to Australia’s economic growth and development, corporate social responsibility, and the triple bottom line.”

When not working, Jordan enjoys being on the advisory board of not-for-profit organisation Project Karma and developing new ventures such as her business ANNALEE where she sells personalised giftware.

“If I weren’t involved in mining, I would be a social worker working with vulnerable children or women,” Jordan said.

“This is where my role at Project Karma fuels my soul. It’s my love job!”

Jordan also enjoys netball, DIY projects, catching up with friends and family, fishing and campaign, and cooking.

Her three ideal dinner guests would be Steve Jobs, Oprah, and Gina Rinehart, because she felt that each could teach her more about being a successful businesswoman.

“I would love to hear about Steve Jobs’ journey and how he turned risky decisions into success, and I want to learn more about incorporating social enterprise into mainstream business from Oprah,” Jordan said.

“I feel like I am on a similar journey to Gina Rinehart with a family in mining.

“Being a woman, I think of her as a role model/mentor in some sense.”