Making our mark at IMARC

Making our mark at IMARC

It was a big week in Sydney for the WA Mining Club at IMARC, with President Natalie Taylor and Membership Lead Dani Tamati on the job. 

A first for them both but it was a huge welcome back for the club. There was even a discussion with the Melbourne Mining Club around synergies and perhaps sharing member events. That’s a conversation for another day and thanks to OAM Richard Morrow for the opportunity. 

The International Mining and Resources Conference is a must-attend for the club, with 470 exhibits and 7,500 visitors. 

Over 3 days it was abuzz with the full gamut of mining and allied industry professionals; contractors, suppliers, producers, miners and the simply curious, all with interesting stories to tell. 

Tech was on display across most of the booths, mirroring the advanced technology that is embedded in the modern mining industry. 

 Climate change, sustainability, ESG and innovation were addressed by a large range of expert speakers including a number of international presenters. 

As Australia’s largest mining event, IMARC is fertile ground for networking and investment opportunities and is already marked in the WA Mining Club calendar for 2023. 

It was a pleasure to see so many countries represented at the event, among them Canada, Peru, India, Africa, Chile, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.