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Greenland-Australia Mining Dialogue 2018

Event - Greenland-Australia Mining Dialogue 2018

Greenland Day

On 24 October 2018, the London-based Arctic-focused think-tank Polar Research and Policy Initiative (PRPI), in collaboration with the Greenlandic Ministry of Mineral Resources, will convene the Greenland-Australia Mining Dialogue 2018 at the University Club of Western Australia in Perth, WA.

When it comes to the mining and METS sectors, PRPI recognises that a number of Australian firms already operate in Greenland and that Australia remains one of the main sources of mining interest and investment in the region. To be held on Greenland Day, the objective of the dialogue is to ensure that Australian mining firms and investors have the opportunity to learn more about the geology and mineral resources of Greenland; understand better the opportunities and regulatory frameworks relating to the mining sector therein; access the best support services and thought leadership when it comes to the consideration and integration of sustainability factors; and build new connections with a range of stakeholders with a business or policy interest in Greenland.

The dialogue will form part of the day-long annual conference hosted by the Government of Greenland that will include addresses and presentations by Greenlandic officials, geologists and the representatives of the Australian exploration companies already active in Greenland. The conference will commence at 9 am and conclude at 7 pm on 24 October and is designed to provide delegates with everything they need to know about Greenland’s mineral sector. Presentations will include information on zinc, nickel, copper, and diamond prospectivity, geological mapping, licensing framework, technical regulations, project updates from Australian exploration companies active in Greenland, and investment opportunities. There will also be an opportunity to request one-to-one meetings with officials of the Greenlandic Ministry of Mineral Resources and the Mineral License and Safety Authority over the two days (25 and 26 October) following the conference.

You can learn more about the conference here: https://www.govmin.gl/en/mineral-events/paydirt-nickel-conference-greenland-day-in-perth. Members of the WA Mining Club are most welcome to join the conference. As space is limited, we would kindly request interested members to RSVP to Dr Dwayne Ryan Menezes, Founder and Managing Director of Polar Research and Policy Initiative, at d.menezes@polarconnection.org.

About Polar Research and Policy Initiative:

Headquartered in the UK and with a presence across North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific, Polar Research and Policy Initiative (PRPI) is an international, independent think-tank dedicated to Arctic, Nordic, North Atlantic, North Pacific and Antarctic affairs. Every year, PRPI convenes 50-60 high-level policy dialogues around the world that bring together policymakers, business executives, civil society heads and thought leaders to exchange ideas, make connections and identify avenues for collaboration on topics of shared concern or interest. With an annual readership of over 75,000, its digital portal Polar Connection is the world’s largest platform for Arctic analysis and commentary. PRPI is especially committed to strengthening commercial, political and cultural ties between Commonwealth member states and Arctic states.


Wed 24th October 2018
UWA University Club, Banquet Hall South,
Hackett Drive,
Crawley, Perth, WA 6009.
9:00AM to 5:00PM - followed by a stakeholder reception between 5 pm and 7 pm
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