Happy at work
happy at work WAMC

Happy at work

There were over 500 members at the recent WA Mining Club luncheon, a record number of attendees for 2022.  

The speaker was the CEO of Roy Hill, Gerhard Veldsman, who spoke at length about employee engagement, which he says often comes back to the culture of companies. 

‘Culture is the lynchpin that brings in all aspects of mining and makes it more sustainable.  

‘It’s culture that makes you look forward to going to work, looking forward to the day ahead, what you’re going to do to make a difference, and a feeling of self-worth.’ 

By the nodding heads around the room you could see It struck a chord with many there. 

One of them is Melanie Robinson, who is now a relationship manager with Indigenous company Kooya. 

After six years working at Toyota, Melanie made the move to Kooya and says it has changed her outlook towards work. 

Kooya Fleet Solutions is Australia’s only Indigenous fleet management company, Melanie’s area of expertise. 

‘I enjoyed working with Toyota, but I am really pleased I made that leap of faith and joined Kooya,’ she says.  

‘The truth is it doesn’t just feel like a job that’s a daily grind, it has given me so much more. 

‘I literally wake up with a feeling of self-worth and look forward to the day knowing I am making a difference. 

‘I’m learning so much about different Indigenous groups and companies I likely wouldn’t have been exposed to previously.’ 

As is often the case, in a circular way, Melanie’s former studies in anthropology are now being put to good use. 

What the company gives back to other groups and charities is another reason for pride. 

‘We support the training of STEM subjects for Indigenous students in remote areas. 

‘We also put money toward the Bibbulmun Track Foundation and the Adelaide Crows Foundation.’ 

The Adelaide Crows Foundation supports Community, Indigenous and Female Programs and operates independently of the Adelaide Football Club.