Giving Back


Leading STEM education provider Fire Tech Australia is introducing thousands of Western Australian Year 9 students to the world of robotics and drones, through the STEM unitED school program aimed at promoting careers in STEM.

The program responds to alarming statistics that only 30 percent of students are interested in studies in mining or METS. This is coupled with the steady decline in number of students graduating from mining disciplines.

This is despite a report from Foundation for Young Australians indicating that 75% of future jobs will involve STEM.

The STEM unitED program engages students in hands on STEM learning, by focusing on five core STEM principles:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Problem solving
  3. Innovative thinking
  4. Outcome driven
  5. Leadership skills

The STEM unitED program aims to inspire Year 9 students from 25 schools, across 200 classrooms. The reach will be anywhere from 3000-6000 students.

Fully staffed and fully equipped, students will build robots and drones, and analyse activities through examining and interpreting datasets and predictive outcomes.

STEM unitED aims to ignite interest and bridge the gap between STEM and real-world applications.

It is hoped that this positive experience will create interest in STEM careers, including mining, for students, their parents and educators.

The program is being delivered by leading STEM education provider FireTech Australia, with financial and in-kind support from Foundation Partners RUC, WA Mining Club and Platform Communications.

We are looking to expand STEM unitED to reach more students. If you or your company is wanting to help mitigate the talent shortage in mining, then please support this program and meet these targets.

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