Driving New Talent in the WA Mining Industry with Generous 2020 Scholarship Program

Driving New Talent in the WA Mining Industry with Generous 2020 Scholarship Program

Eight of WA’s brightest minds were awarded WA Mining Club scholarships at the Club’s 18th Annual Scholarship Awards luncheon on 22 October 2020.

The event was held at Optus Stadium’s River View Rooms for the first time and was well attended, as is always the case for the annual luncheon to celebrate the Club’s flagship program.

A presentation by Peter Kerr, Chief Executive of Mt Gibson Iron, was a highlight. Mt Gibson Iron is a long-time supporter of the scholarship program, and co-sponsored two scholarships in 2020. Mr Kerr delivered his insights about how the Scholarship Program added value to Mt Gibson’s business.

He detailed what scholarship winners had experienced during their time at Mt Gibson and how these scholarships had helped the winners advance their careers into their current roles in the industry.

The WA Mining Club started its Scholarship Program in 2003, and since then the Club has awarded 84 scholarships and close to $700,000 to scholarship recipients.

Former Scholarships Manager, Damian Quail said this was an amazing achievement for a non-for-profit Club that relies on its members and sponsors to fund the Scholarship Program.

“I am confident that no other industry club in Australia comes close to this achievement in providing financial support and mentoring to students about to enter their industry,” Mr Quail said.

Since 2019 the Scholarship Program has grown from four scholarships and about 85 applications to 10 scholarships and more than 500 applications. It is now the premier scholarship program available to Australian university and high school students with an interest in mining.

“One of the most satisfying aspects of being involved with the Scholarship Program is the number of winners and finalists who say how the program and the Club turbo-charged their careers, changed their aspirations and made them think bigger about what they can achieve in the mining industry,” Mr Quail said. “Our Club should be proud of our investment in identifying and furthering the careers of the next generation of young mining professionals.”

The Scholarship Program delivers winners and finalists access to a network of industry professionals, a formal mentoring program, and vacation work and employment opportunities. Winners also receive $10,000. The program is underpinned by the generosity of Club members, supporters and co-sponsors, including Western Areas, IGO, Mt Gibson Iron, Sandfire Resources, and Iluka Resources — and luncheon sponsors Dyflex Solutions, Deloitte, TCD Civil Construction, Business Events Perth and Evol LNG.

“Particular thanks also to Program Co-Managers Sam Retallack and Emmanuel Gherardi from our Club committee,” Mr Quail said. “They are volunteers who work hard for members and our industry.”

Congratulations to the scholarship winners for 2020:

  • Fern Sadd, Environmental Sciences in the Mining Sector – sponsored by Sandfire Resources
  • Renae Reilly, Female Student in a Technical Discipline in the Mining Sector – sponsored by Mt Gibson Iron
  • Arianne McKenna, Resource Related Engineering – sponsored by Mt Gibson Iron
  • Catherine Woodall, Geology – sponsored by IGO Ltd
  • Chris Indich, Indigenous Student Award – sponsored by IGO Ltd
  • Sandrine Symons, Metallurgy Scholarship – sponsored by Iluka Resources
  • Darcy Bloomfield, Mining Engineering – sponsored by Western Areas
  • Charvin Solanki, Mining Engineering – sponsored by Western Areas

The WA Mining Club wishes all 2020 finalists and winners the best of luck with their careers in mining.