2024 Committee Nominations

2024 Committee Nominations

Jordan Pedley

In the three years Jordan has been on the WAMC committee she has reignited the Emerging Leaders Mentor Program, lead the Marketing team, actively worked in the Membership’s and Events portfolio, and currently also holds a seat on the Young Professionals Committee.

Aside from her committee involvement, Jordan is the owner of Barakee Rental Services. Simultaneously, she holds senior executive roles at Striker Australia, an Australian manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment, and MAX Plant, a mineral processing projects business. Her passion for the industry traces back to her early exposure when her father, Craig Pedley, founded Striker in 1998.

Beyond business, Jordan is passionate about community service. She channels her enthusiasm into grassroots initiatives and actively supporting charities.

Proposer:  Jordan Pedley

Seconder:  Neil McKenna

Melinda Addison
General Manager

Melinda Addison, a graduate from the WA School of Mines in the 90s with a degree in Minerals Engineering (specialising as a Metallurgist), boasts an impressive 30-year career in the Mining Industry. Throughout her professional journey, Melinda has undertaken various technical and production roles across a diverse spectrum of commodities.

Having been an active member of the WA Mining Club for several years, Melinda is a staunch advocate for Diversity and Inclusion within the industry. She passionately supports the Energy Club/WA Mining Club Next Gen program as a Panel Mentor, dedicated to nurturing and inspiring the upcoming generation’s entry into the mining sector by sharing her wealth of experience.

Presently serving as the General Manager for Schramm, an Epiroc company, Melinda spearheads governance and business excellence in a wide array of domains including Safety, Health, Environment, Quality (SHEQ), Human Resources, Finance, Supply Chain & Sourcing, Engineering, Sales, Service, and Manufacturing.

Melinda’s driving forces lie in her profound interest in both people and process optimisation, making her an invaluable asset to the WA Mining Club as a Committee Member.

Proposer:  Melinda Addison

Seconder:  Dani Tamati

Drew O’Sullivan
Group Manager – Mobile Maintenance
Westgold Resources Limited

Drew is a proven leader with 23 years experience in the mining and resources sector, specializing in project management, asset management, and mobile equipment operations. A Heavy Diesel Mechanic by trade with ongoing Executive MBA studies, he has honed a versatile skill set that includes financial management, strategic partnership management, and industry standards compliance.

Through Drew’s tenure at both Tier One mining houses and leading contractors in the industry, he has showcased his strategic foresight and collaborative prowess, where he has spearheaded mobile equipment strategies, negotiated global agreements, and championed initiatives for emission reduction and technological innovation. Drew’s commitment to excellence is evident in his track record of managing large-scale capital projects, fostering high-performance teams, and implementing process improvements.

With his comprehensive understanding of the mining industry and proven leadership acumen, Drew feels he is poised to make invaluable contributions to the WA Mining Club committee. His expertise in project management, supply chain optimization, and stakeholder engagement aligns seamlessly with the committee’s objectives, promising to drive positive change and foster a thriving mining community.

Proposer:  Drew O’Sullivan

Seconder:  Drew Harvey

Hanns Ramcharit

Hanns is a Director at Deloitte and has been a financial professional, specialising in the mining industry, for over 10 years.

Currently (and since 2021), he has held the role of Treasurer at the WA Mining Club and served on the Exec Committee.

Hanns’ professional background and experience bring modern financial, risk management systems and governance practices to the role of Treasurer to assist the President and the general Committee in performing their roles in a sustainable manner whilst preserving the assets, values and culture of our Club for the benefit of all members.

He is committed to continuing to provide the Club with the support and tools to execute its current plans and medium to long term strategic initiatives with the following express objectives:
1) Analysing financial initiatives and recommending associated strategies to provide members with an
exceptional experience across all facets of the Club;
2) Creation and maintenance of yearly budgets for the Club with the primary goal of maximising value to
3) Adopting and maintaining sufficient and appropriate governance practices; and
4) Safeguarding members funds at all times.

Personally, Hanns loves his role with the Club, interacting with other members and giving back to the mining industry.

Proposer:  Hanns Ramcharit

Seconder:  Barry Upton

Tim Taylor
Business Development Manager
Zenith Energy

Tim has been a member of the WA Mining Club for the past 3 years and for the past year, Tim has been on the Committee. He currently sits on the Membership & Speaker/Events subcommittees. During his tenure on the WAMC committee, Tim has helped secure a number of our top class speakers for our monthly luncheons. Each month, he also get the pleasure of meeting our new members at our New Member Morning Tea, where new members can informally meet other new members.

For the past 3 years, Tim has worked at Zenith Energy in the role of Business Development Manager.

Tim has really enjoyed the past year on the WA Mining Club committee and is keen to stay on this journey to help the WAMC become stronger and more rewarding for our members. Within his role at Zenith, Tim is across a large range of resource projects and has a large network on which to draw on to assist his roles within the club.

Proposer:  Tim Taylor

Seconder:  Rob Humphryson

Anthony Walsh
Business Development Manager
Worx Equipment

As an enthusiastic member of the mining community, Anthony is honored to nominate himself for a committee position within the WA Mining Club. With over 18 years of experience in the mining sector, he brings a deep understanding of industry dynamics, challenges, and opportunities.

Anthony is eager to contribute his expertise in project management, stakeholder engagement, and strategic planning to the Committee. Through my career, he has demonstrated a commitment to promoting sustainable practices and advocating for responsible mining initiatives. Joining the Committee presents an exciting opportunity to further these efforts while actively shaping the future of the industry.

He is dedicated to supporting the Club’s initiatives in fostering networking opportunities, promoting industry best practices, and advocating for the interests of all stakeholders. Anthony is confident that his blend of industry experience, leadership skills, and dedication to excellence will enable him to make meaningful contributions to the Committee and the broader mining community.

Proposer:  Anthony Walsh

Seconder:  Bernard O’Sullivan

Bernard Hoogenboezem
Associate Director – Mining & Industrial Services
Zenith Search

With a vision to become the go-to connector for mining professionals and lead the premier recruitment team in Australia, Bernard is eager to apply for a position on the WA Mining Club Committee. His background as a former miner provides him with a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies, ensuring that he comprehends the issues at hand.

Bernard’s passion for the mining industry fuels his continuous learning and desire to support others. Driven by a proactive and responsive approach, he is committed to understanding the challenges faced by various stakeholders. If he cannot help, Bernard is always upfront and transparent about it.

As a seasoned professional in Mining and Recruitment, Bernard has honed his skills in fostering collaboration and problem-solving. His dedication to building meaningful connections and facilitating constructive conversations aligns perfectly with the goals of the WA Mining Club. He looks forward to the opportunity to contribute his expertise and work alongside fellow committee members to advance responsible mining practices, promote diversity and inclusion, and foster sustainable development for the WA Mining Community.

This position for Bernard is not about promoting himself or our business but being a champion of an industry that has not only transformed his family’s life as immigrants but millions of others across the country.

Proposer:  Bernard Hoogenboezem

Seconder:  Jordan Rogers

Barry Upton

Barry has been a committee member of the WA Mining Club for 2 years now and has been the Lead of the Education Engagement sub-committee. The club under Barry’s tutelage has grown this function to incorporate scholarships, STEM education programmes and the recent Get into Mining camps. He believes through these engagements, the WA Mining Club is enhancing it’s reputation and supporting the engagement with the community to generate future Employees for the industry. Most recently, Barry has also taken on a role on the Young Professionals sub-committee with a view to refresh and re-generate this important part of the WA Mining Club.

Should he be re-elected to the committee, Barry will continue to work in these areas leveraging off his reputation and substantive industry contacts to continue to raise sponsorship and support for the club.

Proposer:  Barry Upton

Seconder:  Rob Humphryson

Martyn Hill
Manager – Mining – Blue Collar
Zenith Search

Martyn is the Manager – Mining – Blue Collar for Zenith Search. Growing up in the WA Wheatbelt town of Katanning he developed a passion for people which led him to a rewarding career in recruitment. He has spent nearly 13 years dedicated to blue collar mining recruitment and takes pride in shaping careers and consistently delivering innovative solutions for the mining sector.

Martyn holds a Bachelor of Business, Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and is currently pursuing a Master of Human Resources and Employment Relations, and a Graduate Certificate in Talent Acquisition.

Martyn is interested in joining the the WA Mining Club Committee as he is passionate about giving back to the industry and brings a diverse and unique skillset to the role. He actively participates in his communities and currently volunteers as a council member with the RCSA championing member interests, mentoring aspirational recruiters and promoting the professional standards of his industry.

Outside of work, I am a proud father and devoted husband, a technology buff, and love all things sci-fi.

Proposer:  Martyn Hill

Seconder:  Jordan Pedley

Jamie Hoggett
Operations Manager
365 Plant Hire Pty Ltd

Jamie would like to be considered for a position on the committee as he’s had over 44 years in the Mining and construction Industry.
Jamie bring many years of experience to the table, and is renowned for his mentoring Skills promotions and Business development abilities and ideas.

Jamie was instrumental in working with Geoffrey Stoke to organize name and put together the first Diggers & Dealers held at the Palace Hotel in Hoovers restaurant – at the time, Jamie would have never envisaged how big that would become.

He knows he’s only been a member for a short time, but Jamie really wants to be more involved and help keep some of the old school values and ideals into our up-and-coming Industry personnel.

He appreciates the opportunity to put himself forward for nomination.

Proposer:  Jamie Hoggett

Seconder:  Andrew Harvey