2022 Committee Nominations

2022 Committee Nominations

Barry Upton


Graduating in 1983 from the WA School of Mines as a Mining Engineer, Barry has spent the bulk of his career in the underground hard rock mining contracting field spanning all aspects of underground mining as well as mining construction works having worked on every continent bar Antarctica and spent three years based in Canada as President of Thyssen Mining Construction Canada. Barry’s last position, which he held for fifteen years, was Managing Director of RUC Cementation Mining Contractors Pty Ltd. His work has taken him to all corners of the globe and he has experienced many people, technical and management challenges but have during this time developed a deep sense of empathy for all people from all different races and cultural backgrounds. This gives Barry a deep perspective on how to be successful engaging with projects outside of your comfort zone and region.
He believe this work experience can assist the Mining Club in remaining relevant and dynamic.

Proposer:  Barry Upton

Seconder:  Natalie Taylor

Vaughan Cranswick

From school, Vaughan joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) to study aircraft engineering & eventually ended up as a ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) pilot on the North West Shelf & South China Sea.
After nine years of working as a FIFO ROV pilot, Vaughan began his journey in the mining industry as a field engineer at Bridgestone Earthmover Tyres. He was immediately bitten with ‘red dust lust’ in the Pilbara & have been hooked on mining ever since, both surface & underground.
Vaughan has been a member of the WA Mining Club since 2003 & in that time he has met a diverse range of interesting & talented people from the mining industry & associated businesses & feel that it is time that he pays it forward, give back to the industry by making a difference in committee involvement.
Through his experiences in mining, Vaughan sees this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting/forward-thinking/fast-moving industry with my various skills & knowledge gained over the years.
Being a father of a young adult, he has a very keen interest seeing young talent utilised & promoted in all facets of our industry & regularly attend YP’s events.

Proposer:  Vaughan Cranswick

Seconder:  Dani Tamati

Jordan Pedley
Marketing Manager
MAX Plant

Being a part of the committee the last year has given Jordan a great insight into the club’s purpose and more specifically its marketing needs. Jordan has developed a true understanding of these needs not only for the club but for our members and our colleagues in the industry.

In 2022, the clubs 50th year, Jordan aims to work closely with the club’s sub-committees, sponsors, contractors, and members to make sure the mining industry knows who we are and how we benefit the industry through scholarships, mentoring programs, working with STEM partners, networking events, members only exclusive networking and the young professionals.

As a result of being employed in mining for the last 7 years, and her diverse background, marketing experience and industry knowledge, Jordan is confident my contributions have added value to the mining club over the last year and will continue to help achieve the goals and development potential prioritised by our committee.


Proposer:  Jordan Pedley

Seconder:  Brett Matusevicius

Hanns Ramcharit
Senior Manager

Hanns is currently the treasurer of the WA Mining Club, part of the Exec Committee and the Events subcommittee.

As Club Treasurer, he oversees the financial administration of the club and report the results of the club to its committee and its members at AGMs. During his time as treasurer, he successfully implemented a budget for each subcommittee and safeguarded members’ funds by maintaining a healthy surplus despite FY21’s tough environment linked to COVID-19.

He also serves on the Events subcommittee working tirelessly to bring you events like our recent St Barbara’s Day Luncheon and Feb’s WA Market Outlook.

Outside of the club, Hanns works as a Senior Manager at Deloitte with strong experience in auditing large listed and multinational companies in Australia and overseas, focusing on the audits of ASX 200 companies, predominantly in the mining industry for over 9 years.

Hanns believes this direct experience with finance and the mining industry provides him with the required foundation to better serve the WA Mining Club. He looks forward to bringing fresh ideas for our 2022 events, lay greater focus on hot topics and innovative trends and most importantly give back to the mining industry.

Proposer:  Hanns Ramcharit

Seconder:  Ian Skelton

Yuluwirri McGrady
Manager – Aboriginal Business Development
Fortescue Metals Group


Yulu is a highly motivated and results driven professional, with a deep passion for business & leadership development. Yulu thrives when tasked with building connections with key stakeholders and clients, using strong emotional intelligence.

Yulu is committed to encouraging and empowering the next generation of Indigenous leaders to take advantage of the vast career opportunities within the resource sector.

Yulu is currently undertaking an MBA with Melbourne Business School and is a proud Goomilaroi man originating from Toomelah, located in northern NSW.

Proposer:  Yuluwirri McGrady

Seconder:  Dani Tamati

Melinda Addison
National Engineering Manager 

Melinda is an accomplished leader with over 25 years of experience across technical and production roles in the resource industry across a broad range of commodities including precious and base metals, lithium and iron ore. She is passionate about people and effective processes (engineering metallurgy traits coming through!). She is also committed to employee engagement through development pathways, recognition, empathy and genuine care.

Melinda seeks opportunities to give back to the industry that has supported her journey and help create, or reveal, a rewarding path for others to follow.

Proposer:  Melinda Addison

Seconder:  Dani Tamati

Kate Findlater
Fleet Manager
Rockingham Toyota

Kate is a highly motivated and ambitious professional in the Automotive industry, where she has over 18 years’ experience in various roles with Toyota at both a regional and retail/fleet capacity.
She has developed strong relationships in Mining, Corporate and Rental markets, and continues build many connections through business relationships and friendships.

Her passions include future mobility solutions including the emergency of green technologies and how they will evolve to create a synergy between automotive & mining elements.
She holds a BCom (Notre Dame, 2003) and is a firm advocate of STEM schooling programs for our current generation and empowering future leaders. Becoming a parent has opened her eyes to the importance she plays as a role model to her own children and also society.
As a female leader in her industry, she strives for change to incorporate more diversity, innovation and inclusion.

Proposer:  Kate Findlater

Seconder:  Jordan Pedley

Jordan Rogers
Project Geologist
Matador Mining

Jordan is the Chair of the Young Professionals subcommittee and supports partnerships. She’s worked in the industry since 2014 and is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists. Her work has specialised in Archean greenfields orogenic gold exploration and Geographic Information Science. She is excited at the prospect of becoming the WAMC’s first international Committee Member with her work taking her between Perth and Canada.

Jordan is interested in the future evolution of the industry, and is an advocate for intersectional diversity and inclusion across the sector.

Proposer:  Jordan Rogers

Seconder:  Natalie Taylor

Tim Taylor
Business Development Manager 
Zenith Pacific

Tim was involved in the Oil & Gas industry for 14 years, most of that time spent with BP. He moved into the mining industry with Zenith Energy over a year ago. Zenith Energy is one of Australia’s leading Independent Power Producers (IPP), specialising in delivering sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective power generation solutions in remote areas in Australia.

Tim has a new passion for renewable energy and he’s truly excited by what Zenith is bringing to the industry. With a company and board ratified goal of Net Zero 2035 we are in an enviable position to be Australia’s first Net Zero IPP. Tim is very interested in new technologies that our team are working on and he loves sharing these new ideas with his clients.

Tim would love to have the opportunity to work with the WAMC Committee. He would like to use this as a learning experience and to share ideas on decarbonisation (from an IPP prospective).  

Proposer:  Tim Taylor

Seconder:  Cam Sharp

Felicity Jones
Mining Lead | Group Leader Approvals 
360 Environmental, part of SLR Consulting

Felicity has been a member of the Club for over 10 years and has seen significant positive change as it has grown in numbers and expanded the diversity of its member-base and the topics we talk about. She is passionate about leadership, the promotion of diversity as a path to inclusivity and the social aspects of ESG. Felicity believes these values are key to re-framing how mining is viewed by those external to our sector, and that the Club has a role to play in the re-frame by discussing these issues (alongside the nuts and bolts of mining of course).
She is currently involved in the Membership and Governance subcommittees and has previously been involved with the Scholarships program which is a great way to directly give back to our industry and support up-and-coming talent.
Felicity would really appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve the Club with another term on the Committee.

Proposer:  Felicity Jones

Seconder:  Dani Tamati